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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Props to Our 1st Guest Baker, Mrs. Carolyn Murphy!

We've been sharing our new blog and booze-infused goodies with friends and co-workers.  Our friend and co-worker, Colleen, is SO LUCKY because her mom, yes her mom!, bakes yummies for Colleen's office at least TWICE a week.  I've sampled a few of Mr. Carolyn Murphy's exceptional baked goodies and am proud to present her as our 1st Guest Baker at BIWB. 

Her rendition of my
Drunken Monkey Bread:

This week, Mrs. Murphy shared with
Colleen's coworkers her Kentucky Whiskey Cake:

We would REALLY appreciate Mrs. Murphy's recipe for this one to add to our blog.  Please?  :)

And, although we have no picture, Mrs. Murphy found new inspiration in Jacqueline's Pineapple Upside Down Cake and she made her own version, using what Colleen termed, "my mom's tried and true recipe."  Keeping to the amazing substitution methods of J's BIWB handy work, Mrs. Murphy's cake had triple sec in the cake instead of water!  Way to 'up' the booze quotient, Mrs. M!! 

I wasn't lucky enough to get a piece of this creation, but Jacqueline did! ~~Loved your FB post on your surprise piece, J!~~

We are so honored that a master baker like Mrs. Murphy, who is so generous in sharing her great baking talents with us, has found some new ideas on our blog.  Handing down the traditions of baking for those we love.  Can't ask for a better gift in life than that to share.

                                       Baking = 

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