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Friday, June 24, 2011

Kahlua Man Fudge Cookie Sandwich

It's been one hell of a week for me.  I made these last Saturday, in a "stir-crazy" frenzy (not really) attempt to do something that would keep me busy for a while.  I had gum surgery on the previous Thursday, and I couldn't do yard work, go to the gym, or do anything like heavy chores.  Sitting around on a beautiful and sunny day?  Just couldn't embrace that concept.

So, I got all excited about making these cookies, measured out the dry ingredients, went to Sur La Table to buy just the right size cookie scoop.  It was like Goldie Locks: I have a scoop that was too big and one that was too small.  Now, I have one "just right."  Get home, mix these bad boys up, place perfectly-sized scoops on the lined cookie sheets and turn on the oven. 

Notice the oven wasn't heating up, seemed to be gasping for fuel.  Prayers folks and I generally don't pray unless it's really, really important.  Who to call to borrow their oven?  How to transport the sheets?  I tried the oven one more time...Thank god!  This was the last batch that oven will ever see.  It's being replaced as soon as is possible!  Kinda sad because it's made a lot of really great meals and made a lot of folks really happy over its 8 year life.

I found this recipe at one of my new favorite blogs, Confessions of a Cookbook Queen.  I have a few of her recipes in the baking queue, so keep an eye out.  :)  The cookies I made were a version of this recipe for her Homemade Fudge Rounds, hence the name change of my own.

And you wonder, why "Kahlua Man"...well, let's take a quick look...

He looks pretty proud!  Got this bottle years and years ago from a good teacher friend, Cheryl.  Notice the customs tag as it's from the source: Mexico! 

Of course, in keeping with our theme, I made modifications to the recipe for the incorporation of booze, both in the cookie and in the frosting.  For the cookies, I added 1 tsp creme de cocoa for part of the vanilla.  For the frosting, I substituted 2 Tbsp Kahlua and 2 Tbsp coffee for the water.  Next time it'll be ALL Kahlua in that frosting!!  I also rolled them in "jimmies" the technical term for those little colored chubs of sugar.  Found a new and very, very cool baking supply website.

Folks tried them at work and really liked them.  Dad really liked them and said they were "rich."  I'm okay with that from Dad. 

I'm thinking the next Kahlua venture really should be Kahlua and Cream Cupcakes. 

On my shopping trip to find that perfect scoop, I discovered that Sur La Table has quite a cupcake and cake decorating booty.  I needed a large coupler for my frosting tip as I use a mongo tip for frosting now.  What I found and came home with was truly, truly inspirational.  Being the baking geek that I'm becoming, what you see is about 870 cupcake liners.  I shopped a few other stores and I think I'm good on liners for the next 5 years!  Love it!!!!!

And, please note the homage to Icing on the Cupcake...

Okay, so the really sad part is I haven't been able to eat a Kahlua Man yet...Need to wait another week and get more stitches removed.  I broke down a few nights ago and had some pretzels.  Smoothies and soft foods just ain't cutting it anymore.   Oh, and the coffee pot exploded, too.  Stellar week!

I can't wait to have nachos AND a cocktail!
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  1. WOW, that is quite a haul from Sur La Table! Looks like you had fun. Great recipe, can't wait to see the Kahlua and cream cupcakes :)

  2. Surprise! I found ANOTHER package of liners hidden in the bottom of my SLT bag! 918 liners! Over the edge...


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