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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Drunken Monkey Bread

The Dough Boy would feel righteous at this moment...I know I just posted a recipe, but this morning I was inspired.  It's a Saturday, it's raining, only 2 days left of my vacation, and I missed the new spin/sculpt class, uh oh!  I've had this recipe on the kitchen counter for weeks, waiting for a time when there weren't enough baked goods for breakfast.  Here is my ~just~ finished product:

But, wait!  Here is the recipe, please note the name: Pastor Ryan's Monkey Bread:

And, I'm not sure Pastor Ryan would approve of my modifications, but it's not Sunday and this blog is about bake it with booze...So, I pulled out the cheap, Old Crow bourbon and decided to liven-up my monkey!  Do you see all that oozing goodness all over those little chunks of biscuit?  Here's another shot just so you can see it again...

I added about, oh, a generous 1/4 cup of bourbon to the butter and (dark) brown sugar liquid gold that is poured on the sugar/cinnamon dusted biscuit nuggets.  And, I also added a generous cup of chopped pecans in the bag with the biscuit nuggets.  I've made monkey bread before with walnuts, but when I can use pecans I always do.  We never had pecans to cook with when I was a kid, and boy did we miss out!  However, we were so lucky that our grandmother, Bambi, and great uncles were almond and walnut ranchers and we always had both in the house in copious qualities.  The first time I had to buy nuts as a new baker in my 20s I was shocked!

I found this recipe on Ree Drummond's Pioneer Woman web site.  She's famous from what I can gather and I've just learned about her.  I have even fallen for the "like" button on her FB page.  She has occasional give-aways and someday I'm gonna win something!  She lives in Oklahoma.  We lived in Norman, OK when I was little and it's the sole reason I know all the words to the musical of the same name.  Ah, memories...In OK schools (back in the day), we recited the pledge of allegiance and then sang the theme to the musical.  Only in America!

I just finished a sample...Required a third cup of coffee, shucks.  Let's just say I'm pretty happy at this moment...Booze-infused-bliss.

And, yes, I'm heading to the gym in a while.  It IS raining after all.

Happy Trails!  Ellen
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