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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Spiced Fig and Honey Moon Ale Cupcakes with Honey, Cinnamon and Vanilla Bean Buttercream

This moist and delicious cupcake recipe comes from Kathy Partak who won the Gold Country Fair Crazy for Cupcakes competition last month.  As you recall, Jacqueline and I entered this contest...We didn't place, but we're already planning to blow their frosting off next year!  Seriously, Kathy was gracious and generous in sharing this winning recipe.  I, of course, in true BIWB fashion made a few, booze-infused modifications.  Here are views of the cupcake and a shot of the primary ingredients:

I used the flour and fat method, yet again...Great success this time as well.  Our fellow baking nerd, Nancy, said that this is the BEST I've made so far.  Thanks, Nancy, you keep me inspired.  :)

Chop up the fresh figs into a small dice.  You could use dried figs, but I didn't.  If using dried, I'd plump them up a lot. 

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bananas Foster Cupcakes (with Rum)

I'm feeling a bit nostalgic these days: my 30th high school reunion in July, a 25 year Unitrans reunion of bus drivers last weekend, and a trip to Ohio to see people who loved me even when they didn't have to love me.  I was feeling like making something warm and comforting.  I found these cupcakes in Intoxicated Cupcakes by Kate Legere

Warm cinnamon caramel, sweet bananas and what else: RUM!  
Oowey, gooey cinnamony goodness.

I wasn't going to make anything for the blog for a while...Guess that was a pipe dream!  Seriously, I have to STOP myself from baking more.  I'm pretty swamped now and leave tomorrow on a week-long vacation to visit very dear old friends.  Mr. and Mrs. F. are really like my parents, if the true be told.  I am grateful beyond words for their support and love all these years.
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Friday, October 7, 2011

Kahlua Cake and Great Friends!

I made this last weekend for a reunion of the friends whom I drove buses with in college.  After 25 years, we finally organized a reunion in Davis, replete with driving the London double deck!  Even after 25 years, you just get that instant "feel" of the steering wheel and the bus underneath you.  Couldn't have asked for a more perfect day with amazing friends!   

My friend, Diane, gave me this recipe.  She is married to one of my bus buddies, Tim.  When she sent it, she said she had it when she was 21...Okay, so that's way more than 20 years ago...Wow, such will power! 

It was AMAZINGLY moist and very chocolaty.  I used the 63% cacao chips which gave it a rich flavor, but not too sweet.  I don't care for dark chocolate on its own, but it is becoming my favorite baking chocolate.  Even "semi-sweet" chips are getting "too" sweet for me.  I guess that means my taste buds are still evolving.

It's what is called a "dump cake."  Technical term (!) for putting everything in the bowl all at once and mixing just until it comes together.  That's what I did.  Then I added the chips.  Poured the batter into a Bundt pan with cooking spray.  Easy.  

Came out like a dream...Cooled and dusted with confectioner's sugar and we were good to go!  Easy.

I'm sharing this over at Cake of the Week's Baking with Spirit Challenge for January 2014: Frugal.  Hop on over to Cake of the Week for even MORE boozy creations!

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dirty Girl Scout Cookies

I love the name of these cookies!  Conjures up a lot of images, eh?  Good images, not-so-good images.  Is it "Dirty-Girl Scout-Cookie" or is it "Dirty Girl-Scout Cookie"?  Hum, I'll leave that up to you!  :)

Here's a shot of the finished cookies and new cocktail...Soon to become one of my favorite cocktails.  And, I will honestly say: one of my Top 10 Cookies!!!!!

I made this large so you could see the cookie and
 marvel over the layered effect of this cocktail creation.

So, you wonder how I ever found this one?  Well, I was feeling, I don't know, stressed about almost everything in my life.  When that happens I either: bake something or buy something.  This time, I bought 2 new cookbooks, both booze-themed.  This recipe comes from The Boozy Baker, by Lucy Baker.  Seriously, her name is Baker.  When I saw this title and looked at the ingredients and accompanying cocktail, I WAS IN! 

How bad can ANY cookie or cocktail be with those three liqueurs, along with an equal part of vodka?  I'll save the recipes for the end of the post just in case you'd like to try these on your own.  I HIGHLY recommend both for your next autumn night baking respite.
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