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Friday, July 27, 2012

Chocolate Stout Cookies

We've all heard of chocolate stout cupcakes, but I really wanted to try some stout in brownies.  But, brownies seem like such a big commitment of sorts...A whole pan...Just too tempting for me these days.  So, cookies sounded about right in the portion control department.   And, I could freeze them.  Always a plus!

Freezing cookies and having a stash in the freezer solves a few issues:

1. I have a ready source of cookies for my morning coffee.  Yup, I start every day with a cookie.  How bad can that be?
2. If someone comes to the house to do work, like the guys who came to prune trees, I have some for them to munch on while they are here. 
3. I will always have some for my dad when he comes over.  My dad LOVES cookies.  His motto:

There are no bad cookies, some are just better than others.

I love my dad.

These cookies are super EASY to mix up and bake.  They hold up well too with adding this and that.  I added salted peanuts because I love peanuts and chocolate.  Get a little protein boost in your cookies, too!  I especially like that these cookies have a shininess to them.  Almost festive. 

Great with a cup of coffee or as a quick snack.  I would imagine that any sort of booze could be added.  Go ahead, experiment!
Moist and chocolaty and peanutty...All my favorites in one cookie!

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Assemble the ingredients.  This couldn't be a more easy cookie recipe.  It's a "dump cookie."
Place all the ingredients, except the mini chocolate chips and peanuts, in a large bowl and mix by hand until combined.
Mix in the chocolate chips and peanuts.  You could add whatever you like.  I ~love~, I mean ~LOVE~ salted peanuts in cookies!
Using a cookie scoop, portion out on a parchment paper lined baking sheet.  I used a 1 1/2 tbsp scoop.  These will spread a bit, so leave ample space.
Bake as directed and remove to a cooling rack.  Shiny...Me like-y!

Chocolate Stout Cookies
Makes 3 dozen cookies

Brownie Mix (I used a 19.5 oz size)
2 eggs
1/4 cup oil
1/4 cup stout
3/4 cup flour (use less if using a smaller size brownie mix)
1/2 cup mini chocolate chips (semi-sweet)
3/4 cup salted peanuts (I didn't chop these, but you can)

1.  Place all the ingredients, except the chocolate chips and peanuts, in a large bowl.
2.  Mix by hand until just combined.
3.  Fold in the chocolate chips and peanuts.
4.  Drop by 1 1/2 tbsp onto a parchment lined baking sheet.
5.  Bake for 8-10 minutes until just set.
6.  Remove to a cooling rack and let cool.
7.  Store in an airtight container (with wax paper to separate the layers).  Or, freeze.  :)

Happy Friday!

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  1. Excellent! I make a chocolate stout cupcake and these are portable...even better. YUM! Do you think it will calm the grands down:-) LOL!!

    1. Alas, Susan, just not enough booze to slow down those two beautiful grandkid of yours...I know you're all having a great time! XO

  2. Yummy! Chocolatey, nutty, boozy and perfect!

    1. Thanks, Hayley! I really loved these, especially the peanut part. A nice surprise in every bite!

  3. Yum! It uses my favorite kind of beer-- I love stout.
    Btw, LOVE your dad's's so true! :)

    1. It's funny, I only bake with stout. Tried it once in college...Makes great cookies and cupcakes, though. :) Next is gingerbread!

  4. Totally love the idea of beer in cookies. What a great recipe Ellen!! :) And I agree with your dad!

    1. Thanks, Dorothy! Coming from you that's a great compliments!! :)

  5. Well I will put you on my calendar


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