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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blackberry wine & chocolate olive oil cupcakes

We love to Bake It With Booze, and we love to see what other bakers create. We highly recommend that you go check out The Domestic Rebel's new boozey creation: Blackberry wine & chocolate olive oil cupcakes. 

Sweet <3
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  1. Thank you Ellen and Jacqueline for featuring my cupcakes!! This was actually my first time creating with booze and I am totally stoked to cook up some more treats (like your limoncello cake, perhaps?!) Thanks again for the shout-out! :)

  2. Thanks for letting us feature your beautiful cupcakes :)

  3. I want that olive oil!!!! Oh, and those cupcakes too. :)

  4. Hayley...If I had half your energy, well, there would be A LOT more BIWB! Thanks for all your inspiration and creativity!!

  5. I have to say...these are the most elegant looking cupcakes! The color of the buttercream is perfect and I closed my eyes to imagine I was there having one with you--put on the tea kettle my friend. <3

  6. Wow I love your icing on these cupcakes, what a great idea to cook with Booze, always!

    I've joined your Blog...Please check out my baking blog too and join me

    1. Welcome, Lelly! You have a beautiful blog, btw, and love your recipes!! :) These cc's were created by Hayley who is the Domestic Rebel. We love her, so check out her blog when you have a moment! Glad to follow and add your blog to my weekly baking inspirations. Cheers!


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