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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How Boozey is Your Baking?

This question came up with a friend of mine who tries to avoid alcohol: should I be eating those boozey cupcakes? I did a little research and stumbled across this site, which is where I got the chart below. I'm not sure how scientific this is, since other factors like percentage of alcohol you're starting with (are you making a wine reduction sauce or dousing a bread pudding with Grand Marnier?), cooking/baking temperature and what other ingredients you're using could affect the outcome, but this chart probably gives us a general idea. 

By the way, I should throw this out there while our relationship is fresh and exciting: I'm a nerd. I studied economics in college and I really love charts and graphs. 


I probably should also throw this out there: Ellen is a nerd. An incredibly awesome, stylish & savvy nerd. And, I've discovered that baking with scientists = ridiculously fun. It's kind of like baking with Alton Brown. Ellen can explain the chemical reactions of various ingredients and decode trade secrets like nobody's business. And she throws a mean dinner party too - more on that later!

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  1. Baking Nerd, I love it! We're in great company. :)))))))

  2. I think being a nerd is where's it's at! The graph is really interesting - a lot of people think that the alcohol gets completely baked off but I knew that wasn't the case. It's interesting how stirring the alcohol into the cake mix can make such a difference.


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