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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Raspberry Liqueur Cupcakes

It's been a long time since my last post.  Most of you know that my oven died a month ago.  Died right after the final batch of Kahlua Man Fudge Cookie Sandwiches...It was a long haul in the decision process and the waiting and hoping for the new stove.  Let's just say, I'm at peace now.  I can bake all I want, and don't have to stop myself while planning out a new recipe only to have those thoughts dashed as, "No, dummy, you don't have an OVEN!"  I hadn't, truthfully, realized until this episode that I was this hooked on baking.  Had no idea it's role in my life fully...

So, just to get this rolling again, I will start with the picture of the finished product...Look at these little beauties! 

I am perfecting my frosting consistency and technique.  I'm just so proud of the presentation, too.  And, I'm putting those 1000+ cupcake cups to good use! :)

Folks really liked these babies.  As my buddy at work, Karl, stated in his email:  "An exquisite balance of texture and flavor all wrapped in a moist and elegant, visually stunning package.  The 'cupcake challenge' of achieving harmony between cake and frosting is orchestrated as beautifully as any Beethoven sonata!"  We all love Karl.  :) 

I found the cupcake recipe from Cupcake Wars on FoodNetwork, a winning recipe for Raspberry Cupcakes with Champagne Buttercream.  I had used the recipe as a tester and make a strawberry version when I initially tried my new frosting recipe.  Here's a shot of my first attempt, just to see the improvements I'm making...

And, since Jacqueline suggested more step-by-step photos, I'm going to attempt that concept here.  Bear with me, my friends. 

For the raspberry liqueur puree, place the following in a sauce pan:

16 oz fresh raspberries (you could probably use frozen)
1/3-1/2 cups sugar
1 Tbls lemon juice
4 Tbls Frambroise (raspberry liqueur)

Bring to a boil for 5-7 minutes, like this:

Let cool to room temp and puree in a blender.  I set aside 1/2 cup puree for the cupcakes and 2 Tbls for the frosting, both portions in place of the milk called for in each recipe. 

If I could have licked this blender, I would have! 

I froze the rest of another time.  We think these little cubes of raspberry goodness could be a lovely addition to various cocktails, like a raspberry cosmopolitan or a raspberry lemon drop.  Okay, off on a tangent, but all booze-related. 

I'm trying out a few new ingredients in my baking products, vanilla bean paste and non-aluminum baking powder.  Here's a shot, which also includes the Frambroise.  I also used this liqueur when I made the strawberry version, and it really helps bring out the berry flavor.  Use the liqueur and vanilla bean paste in both the cupcake and frosting to bring out more flavor. 

I used my secret family recipe for my frosting which I found on Confessions of a Cookbook Queen.  Delicious, light and not too sweet.  I'm getting pretty cocky about this frosting, I will admit that to you now.  I feel like I've finally broken the "frosting secret" of some cupcakeries.  I even have a few friends who'd like a tutorial.  And, yes, there will be cocktails during said tutorials! 

Here is the final shot of all these lovelies.  Please note the presence of hot pink sprinkles all over the counter (upper left of this shot).  Saved a few, made a note to myself to SLOW DOWN!

Thanks to you all for tasting and for listening to the "stove woes."  I hadn't realized how much I bake, think about baking, and probably even DREAM about baking.  :)

P.S. I'm so into this frosting and the concept that I may just be able to evenly match local cupcakeries on flavor and technique, that I ordered this pack of frosting tips and bag.  Why have only one frosting tip when I can have 6! 

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  1. Hello Ellen and Jacqueline! These cupcakes sound like perfection, and the frosting, what can I say, yumm! I think I'll save this for my next party, but I'm sure my frosting tops won't come near to yours!

  2. This post is a work of art - just like your gorgeous cupcakes! I love the step by step photos :) I'm going to have to try my hand at this recipe sometime. Looking forward to your frosting workshop, Queen Frostine!

  3. Great photos! These cupcakes sound heavenly! :) And the raspberry lemon drop idea--yum! We speak the same language, my friend. So glad you love your new oven!

  4. THANKS, Marie, for stopping in to read our blog!!! I'm just tickled, as they say...I hope you'll be back again sometime soon.


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