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Friday, May 13, 2011

In the beginning...Something Italian, of course!! Cucidati

Cucidati: a fig cookie, Sicilian in origin, generally baked during the holidays.  I made mine on xmas eve and xmas day.  One day to make the fixins' and the next to roll, shape, bake and ice.  These are of an adult genre, hence the use of BOOZE, and have ~like~ 8 ingredients in the filling, including brandy or rum!  I call them Fig Newtons on Steroids.  Follow this recipe for excellent results.  I've posted the website for Marie, a great Italian cook in Chicago (love that town...) and an inspiration to me as I continue my quest to become Italian.  :)

Here's the link to Marie's web site (fabulous!!) for step-by-step instructions, and follow the directions to the link for the recipe:

Here is a picture (not mine, but you get the idea):

Here is another way to shape them, very easy to just cut little chubby nuggets:

Okay, so please note the icing and the sprinkles...I have made these and an Italian lemon ricotta cookie, both with icing and sprinkles.  I'm convinced that Italians have a "thing" about their sprinkles.  Since making these, I've purchased various kinds of sprinkles, some holiday-based, some just for fun.  LOVE sprinkles! 

A cool part of the process, for me, was when I actually commented on her blog about these cookies AND she wrote me back!  I really could go on and on about Marie's web site...I highly recommend 'mining' its pages for lots of inspiration and lots of yums.  I love cooks!

These cookies truly embrace the cooking concept that you must use your hands when you cook, in that way you put a little bit of love in every thing you make.  Ahhhhh, sometimes I surprise myself.  :)

Ci parliamo presto!  Ellen

P.S. Look how many times I've written 'love'?!  Hum...
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